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About Dr. Rogozinski

Dr. Zachary Rogozinski is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who focuses on the surgical and non-surgical management of shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee injuries. Dr. Rogozinski has specialized training and technical expertise in the areas of minimally invasive surgery, advanced knee and shoulder arthroscopy, joint replacement surgery of the shoulder, hip, and knee, cartilage and meniscus restoration, fracture care, and general orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Rogozinski earned his undergraduate degree at Florida State University where he studied Exercise Science. He then received his Medical Degree from Florida State University’s College of Medicine. From there he completed his Orthopedic Surgery Residency at WellStar Atlanta Medical Center.

After residency, Dr. Rogozinski completed a Sports Medicine and Shoulder Reconstruction Fellowship at the renowned Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas. There he developed additional expertise in the areas of complex shoulder reconstruction and replacement, knee joint preservation, cartilage restoration, advanced ligament repair and reconstruction, and techniques in Biologic Therapies. Throughout his orthopedic surgery and sports medicine career, Dr. Rogozinski was involved with the medical and surgical care of the Atlanta Braves, Colorado Rockies, Clemson University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and a variety of local colleges and high schools.

Dr. Rogozinski was born and raised here in Jacksonville, Florida. It has always been a dream of his to not only return home and serve his community, but to join the Rogozinski Orthopedic Clinic and practice alongside his father, uncle, brother and cousin. When he is not treating patients, he and his wife enjoy staying active and spending time outdoors, going to the beach, and spending time with family. He is passionate about taking care of athletes of all levels in the Jacksonville and surrounding areas, from the weekend warrior to the competitive athlete. His focus is on returning athletes back to competition. He strives to provide individualized care to every single patient, with the ultimate goal of eliminating pain, optimizing function, and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.


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Joint Preservation 

Shoulder Reconstruction

Hip Reconstruction 

Knee Preservation 

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