Workers’ Compensation

Suffering a work-related injury can be a frustrating and stressful experience for employees. That’s why worker’s compensation exists: to provide support and care for those who have been hurt on the job. At Rogozinski Orthopedic, we are committed to helping injured workers through every step of their recovery journey. As a leading provider of orthopedic care for work-related injuries, we bring decades of experience, expertise, and compassion to the table. Our team of skilled specialists offers a wide range of services, from physical therapy and pain management to surgical procedures and rehabilitation. But what truly sets us apart is our personalized approach to care. We understand that no two injuries or patients are alike, and we work closely with each patient to develop a tailored treatment plan that meets their unique needs. Our promise to you is simple: to deliver the highest level of care and support, while ensuring efficient communication and collaboration with you, your employer, and your insurance provider. Let us help you get back on your feet and regain your life.


How do I know if my work-related injury qualifies for workers' compensation orthopedic care?

In general, if you have sustained a musculoskeletal injury while performing your job duties, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation orthopedic care. This can include injuries such as fractures, sprains, strains, or repetitive stress injuries. It’s important to report your injury to your employer and consult with a workers’ compensation orthopedic specialist to determine the eligibility and start the claims process.

What does workers' compensation orthopedic care involve?

Workers’ compensation orthopedic care involves a comprehensive approach to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate work-related orthopedic injuries. It includes various services such as thorough evaluation, imaging (X-rays, MRIs), physical therapy, pain management, specialized orthopedic surgery if needed, and ongoing monitoring to ensure your recovery progress. The goal is to help you regain your strength, functionality, and get you back to work safely.

How long does it take to receive workers' compensation orthopedic treatment?

The duration of workers’ compensation orthopedic treatment varies depending on the severity of the injury, the complexity of the treatment plan, and individual healing abilities. It can range from a few weeks for minor injuries to several months or more for significant injuries that may require surgery or prolonged rehabilitation. Your orthopedic specialist will assess your condition and provide you with a personalized treatment timeline.

Will workers' compensation cover the cost of orthopedic treatment?

Yes, workers’ compensation typically covers the cost of orthopedic treatment for work-related injuries. This can include medical consultations, diagnostic tests, physical therapy sessions, surgical procedures, medications, and follow-up appointments. It’s important to work closely with both your orthopedic specialist and your workers’ compensation insurance provider to ensure that your treatments and expenses are properly documented and approved to receive the maximum benefits entitled to you under workers’ compensation.